Atmanirbhar Teacher = Atmanirbhar Bharat
Atmanirbhar Teacher = Atmanirbhar Bharat On this day, every year, when one of the most respected professions of the world is celebrated and recognized, we at Team CFMID would love to say a humble thanks to all the Teachers whom we have come across during our mission of "Igniting India's Inborn Intelligence"
Teachers Day, Atmanirbhar Teacher, Atmanirbhar Bharat
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Atmanirbhar Teacher = Atmanirbhar Bharat

Atmanirbhar Teacher = Atmanirbhar Bharat

On this day, every year, when one of the most respected professions of the world is celebrated and recognized, we at Team CFMID would love to say a humble thanks to all the Teachers whom we have come across during our mission of “Igniting India’s Inborn Intelligence”

It all started in the year 2017, when we embarked on our mission of “Igniting India’s Inborn Intelligence”, and this mission came to a momentary pause in the year 2020 due to the pandemic.

Here, I would lay emphasis on the word momentary because, it is the strong Teachers community who continue to carry forward the process of imparting education and impacting lives positively, from the corners of their homes.

Can there be any better testimony for Digital India, the vision of our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, than, what has been displayed and implemented by the Teachers all over? Just with a camera device and an internet connection, the wheel of learning which had stopped momentarily due to Covid – 19 , was set rolling again with great speed by the Teachers. For this we wish to thank you.

As a part of our mission “Igniting India’s Inborn Intelligence” the last set of Teachers whom we had met was from Eklavya Model School, Songadh, Gujarat in February 2020. This is one of the model schools developed and run by the Government of Gujarat. Two things that caught the attention of our team was the top level school infrastructure and the dedicated residential Teachers who were a part of the school team. The Government’s vision of imparting quality education to the tribal students and for that purpose also having dedicated qualified Teachers who can stay put in this residential school really stood as a strong testimony of “Quality Education for all”.

As a student of St. Jude High School, Kalyan east, I remember that on this day every year in my school, the students are nominated to take the lecture and the Teachers would be playing the role reversal of students.

Similarly, during our mission’s journey of “Igniting India’s Inborn Intelligence”, our team of counselors and trainers have been blessed to play the role of Teacher to impart and spread the knowledge of Inborn Intelligence to the Teachers fraternity across India.

We all say that every child is Unique. The mission’s only purpose is to identify that uniqueness. We covered close to 120 + schools of all types right from CBSE to State run schools and did inborn intelligence mapping of 54000+ students and shared this knowledge of each child’s uniqueness with the Teachers fraternity in respective schools.

This basis of this knowledge and information is emanating from the science of Dermatoglyphics (study of skin pattern – of fingerprints). Another aspect which commands to be highlighted over here is that the source emanates from Indian scriptures Hasta Samudrika Shastra. The patterns and ridges of fingerprints also helps in identifying the Inborn nature and personality.

Our organisation CFMID Limited, ( Centre for Multiple Intelligence and Dermatoglyphics) precisely works in the area of imparting this knowledge to every parent and teacher to understand the uniqueness of their child/student.

We do not predict the future here. We only help the Teachers and Parents understand the Inborn Potential and then accordingly put the child in a growth path based on their inborn strengths and also guide parents to not apply more pressure on the child’s weaknesses. Instead our focus always remains on how Teachers and parents can help the child to be more happy by doing things or pursuing hobbies or career based on their strengths rather than external influence.

The current pandemic had been a blessing in disguise to our company as this pushed our team to think of Innovation.

For us, the inspiration came from the Teachers who have started their work of imparting education despite the pandemic. For us the inspiration came from Digital India initiatives, for us the inspiration came from Atmanirbhar Bharat, for us the inspiration came from Vocal for local , for us the inspiration came from Local to Global.

Armed with a high positive frame of mind and backing of the Government’s mission, we once again embarked on our journey of Igniting India’s Inborn Intelligence.

And on 24th of July, we launched UNIQ, the world’s 1st Mobile application to take fingerprint scans for the purpose of generating Inborn Potential Assessment Report.

Now a parent from anywhere can download our app, submit the fingerprints and a 40 page report will be emailed to the parent and our team of consultants will undertake Online Parent consultation sessions.

This can be done across schools also where the ward’s fingerprint can be submitted online and we can follow the process of generating Class-O-Graph report and guide the Teachers on the Inborn Potential of their respective students.

Class-O-Graph developed by our company in 2017 is the world’s 1st Inborn Intelligence report for understanding inborn potential of students of a class or a division. The Teachers are then trained by our team for using Class-O-Graph Inborn Intelligence Report for enhancing learning outcomes of the students. The success of Class-O-Graph prompted us to also apply for a patent and we have sought a provisional patent in 2019.

It is a great feeling for us at Team CFMID to play a small role of being a catalyst in bridging the gap between tradition and technology.

Our Inborn Potential Assessment Report plays the role of this catalyst, by empowering the Teachers to identify the uniqueness of each student and accordingly guide them based on their strengths and areas of improvement.

Today on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, we dedicate this to all the Teachers and extend our humble thanks to all the Teachers who have been a part of our mission.

Happy Teacher’s Day

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