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A place where technology meets tradition. CFMID Limited works in the area of developing software technologies, mobile application and conducting training programs for identifying and nurturing “Inborn Potential of Humans”.

A forgotten ancient indian technique which is now gaining mainstream momentum in all areas of life and personal development.


Our products and services help our customers identify their growth potential through Inborn Potential Assessment.



CFMID offers a U-NiQ range of life tools that caters to all, right from a new born to an adolescent. Every individual from any walk of life can benefit from these fantastic tools.



As an education advisory company we have opened multiple fronts to contribute to the dermatoglyphics domain. CFMID has collaborated with numerous international…



CFMID Ltd. since its inception has been at the forefront and the flag bearer to establish Dermatoglyphics as a mainstream subject with as much scientific credentials as possible.

The EKAlogy

Target to reach out to every child as every child is Unique

Know Your Sacred Geometry. . .

EKA(U-NiQ) is one of the most technologically advanced methodology to understand Inborn Potential of  humans through Dermatoglyphics. We humans are arguably the best creation of nature who have evolved over time and maximized our capabilities with innate potentials.

EKA helps you identify your true potential and understand how you have been designed and how to optimize your overall skill sets which would eventually lead to a highly successful and prosperous career.

EKA envisions to help every individual recognize their uniqueness within.

Be U-NiQ, Be The Change. . .!!!

Eka U-NIQ DMIT Report By CFMID Limites
Empowering students in making right career selection.

Empowering students
in making right career selection.

Bridging the gap in CHILD DEVELOPMENT by bringing together the Teacher and Parent.

As a part of our national level project “Igniting India’s Inborn Intelligence” we offer customised solutions to educational Institutes for mapping the Inborn Potential of every student. We back it up by Teachers Training Program and Parenting sessions to help them understand in which all areas the student is unique.

Eka U-NiQ Mini DMIT Report for Students

Two mobile apps a must for every counselor , coach or consultant.

The learning management system app developed by CFMID Limited caters to the Trainers industry by enabling them to create and conduct online learning programs . Here one can make own courses / programs which can be hosted and made easily available for Knowledge Seekers.

A mobile app developed for the Inborn Potential Counselor community so that they can take fingerprints of the customer based anywhere in the world, through an android phone. UNIQ is currently available in Play Store and every counselor associated with CFMID Limited avails this digital scanning software service free of cost.

PROTAGONIST Personality Character CFMID Limited

Build your own DMIT Brand

CFMID Limited is an one stop solution for your requirement to start DMIT Business.




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