Say hello to Our New Logo
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Say hello to Our New Logo


Say hello to Our New Logo

Change is the new normal.

This has prompted us to rethink, redesign and recreate our logo. In pursuit of our efforts to come out with more simple and effective communication, we at CFMID Limited are proud to share our new logo.

The core philosophy behind this new logo is a combination of brain, genetics and the magnificent tree that signifies growth.

  • The circles in various colours and shapes represent individual customers who are very different when compared to each other.
  • However, the blue circles which are connected to each other represent our network of franchisees, associates and counselors who form the CFMID family and work with same vigour and passion thereby making life easier for our customers.
  • The trunk represents the study of fingerprints which emanates from Genetics.
  • The 5 semi cross lines in the trunk represent the core areas of our operations i.e, Training, Report Analysis, Consultation, Research andTechnology Partnership .
  • The roots of this magnificent family tree is taking shape in the form of the alphabets CFMID

Thereby making this new LOGO complete in itself.

We thank you for your constant support and motivation which drives us to perform better and better always.


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