One Mission, One Force
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One Mission, One Force

One Mission, One Force

CFMID Limited and Manish Sharma, Parenting Coach come together to launch moon shot project “Five Million Happy Parents” with a singular goal in mind “To increase the Happiness Quotient of Children, Parents & Teachers ”

CFMID Limited join hands with Manish Sharma, a serial start-up entrepreneur and an accomplished Parenting coach with over 16 years of experience. Manish Sharma has coached/trained over 150000 Parents and over 25000 teachers in enabling them to raise kids with love and affection. As a Parenting Coach, Manish Sharma’s endeavor is to guide the parents in creating a healthy, happy and balanced family life by working on improved communication & relationship between parents and children.

At CFMID Limited, Manish Sharma will be playing a key role in training and developing the team of Consultants / Counselors who will initiate the “Five Million Happy Project” across Schools and Societies at grass root levels in various panchayats, towns, districts, and cities.

We are coming together to embark on a journey that’s aiming to touch lives of 5 Million Parents across India by the year 2024. The next 4 years under the leadership of Manish Sharma we at CFMID Limited are committing ourselves to solve one of the major issues being faced by majority of the Indian Parents and School Teachers.

We are embarking on this journey to reach a singular goal. To increase the happiness quotient of the Children, Parents and the Teachers

Everything we did as a tradition earlier is now moving towards extinction. One of the reasons could be our engagement with technology to such a level that as we overuse technology, we are forgetting our source, our origin and our age old learning methods.

So we at CFMID are taking a pledge.  If Technology was the cause of this problem, we will use Technology itself to solve this problem.

Our team of experts who understand both tradition and technology have come together to create this very unique mission of touching lives of 5 Million Parents and in the process reaching out to 5000 schools, connecting with 150000 Teachers and creating a platform for only one singular purpose how to increase “The Happiness Quotient”

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