The Heritage
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The Heritage

About CFMID Limited

CFMID Limited is a technology company offering services to Education and Corporate Sector in the area of Inborn Potential Assessment & Development (IPAD)

The development of human potential and how to apply the key concepts for nurturing an individual’s inborn potential is the area in which our team specializes in.

We offer the following services:

Teacher's Training Program for student's inborn potential development.

Individual counseling services to Parents for their child’s inborn potential development through Happy Parenting counseling sessions.

Employee Skill Assessment to map the inborn potential including Abilities, Skill and Knowledge of new recruits and also of existing employees at all levels.

CFMID Limited, earlier known as Center For Multiple Intelligence And Dermatoglyphics Pvt Ltd was established in January 2010 with an aim to guide individuals by identifying their inborn potential based on the study of Dermatoglyphics.

The journey into this noble profession started in the year 2010, when India was witness to the technological advancement in human nurturing. CFMID started its journey by developing one of the best available tool in Dermatoglyphics Finger Print Analysis for inborn potential assessment.  This resulted in CFMID emerging over the years as a technology solution provider for more than 80 DMIT companies in India practicing the profession of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test based counseling.

We also provide training to Psychologists, School Teachers, Career Guidance Counselors, HR Managers and also to University students who are keen on pursuing this profession of nurturing inborn human potential.

CFMID Limited has also collaborated with Gujarat Forensic Sciences University ( Now National Forensic Sciences University ) and was also a recognised Research centre of Raksha Shakti University (Now Rashtriya Raksha University) . The MOU with both the universities is for jointly undertaking high quality interdisciplinary research and disseminate research findings that aim to address significant global challenges.

With the broad vision of advancing Dermatoglyphics research across the world, Asian Dermatoglyphics Research Centre (ADRC), Vietnam provides a platform for collaboration in the field of Dermatoglyphics.

CFMID Limited currently has offices and networks across key cities in India to cater to the requirements of our clientele.


CFMID seeks to provide mankind with essential knowledge that will help in the discovery and nurturing of its true inner potential.


To increase the happiness quotient of all our stake holders by touching their lives in a positive way.

Join our Counselor’s Community

In pursuit of increasing the happiness quotient of children, parents, teachers, employees and recruiters , we at CFMID are building a strong community of counselors and consultants. We believe , right guidance at the right time by the right person will go a long way in nation building. We invite you to become the initiator of change.


2009: The Beginning

Inception of the company on November 19th 2009. We started with just 2 member workforce dedicated to impact our customer’s lives and work for the betterment of society

2013: Certification

CFMID got CRISIL accreditation for innovative business and strong company financials.

2016: Aggressive Growth

By the end of 2016, we were “Technology Partner” for 63 different DMIT Companies in India.

2017: Consolidation & Expansion

From a Private Limited Company, CFMID registered itself in April 2017 as India’s 1st Limited Company in the field of Dermatoglyphics. The next big leap, we are aiming for is listing our company stocks in the financial markets through IPO.

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