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Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan

Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan

Former-CEO, Commerce Net Singapore 2000-2010;
Consulting Partner, CNSG Consulting Group, Singapore;
Founding Partner, Shyan Associates, Singapore;
Co-founder, Orientis VC, South Africa
Proponent of Investment Trusts who leads Startups, Entrepreneurs and Finance Consultants on the journey of Capital Mechanism, through a 3 Day Intensive global Training Program aptly titled as “ Miracle of Capital“.
The program aims on helping the attendees to embark on a journey from start up to IPO.

Ed Campbell

ED Campbell

Edward D Campbell is a lawyer with 36 yrs of experience. An expert in hand analysis and dermatoglyphics, author of Encyclopedia of Palmistry, Chairman of International Behavioral & Medical Biometrics Society (Seattle, WA) , renowned lecturer on hand analysis and dermatoglyphics in Asia, North America and Europe.

Edward’s book “Fingerprints and Behavior: A Text on Fingerprints and Behavioral Correspondences“ is available in

A gist of contents of this bestseller book : Can fingerprints predict hand coordination in sports, will the two handed basketball free throw go off the rim or swish through the net, whether a golf drive will go straight, hook or slice? Can competitiveness, multitasking abilities, perhaps even degrees of honesty be predicted at birth? This book is certain to raise controversy throughout professional and academic circles as it challenges current psychological theories, and requires new approaches to child rearing, education aptitude and human resource assessments and psychological evaluations. This well illustrated and referenced work is the new primer for these fields.

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