One India

CFMID Limited aims to transform the DMIT INDUSTRY into a WIN-WIN scenario in which ALL THE PARTIES reap superior BENEFITS.

After extensive ground work in the field of DMIT in India, since last one decade there are many lessons learnt, which prompted us to take an initiative to build a singular uniform brand under DMIT.

The objective of each and every professional in the field of DMIT is common i.e, to increase the happiness quotient of the child, parent, working professional and every other client .

As a DMIT Technology provider, what we have observed is that there are many challenges which are being faced by many of our industry co-practitioners.

Few of those challenges are listed below
  • Pirated Software, hence inaccurate reports
  • In some cases, No support to Franchisee or Agents from the Parent company
  • Inadequate Counseling Support and Training
  • No uniformity in report copies and counseling services across same company practitioners
  • Disparity in price of the report within the same brand franchisees
  • Delay in report generation
  • Errors in fingerprint analysis
  • Design element of the report
  • Knowledge sharing restricted to only performing franchisees and so on….

In most of the cases the practitioner / company fails to understand that she / he is not selling report….. but selling aspirations, selling hopes and selling ideas on how an overall growth can be witnessed by clients if the tips at the time of counseling are implemented in a justified manner.


Our Solution

Hence, the year 2020, we mark it as a year where we erase the word competition from our minds and look at CO-OPERATION – It’s a thought process that includes simultaneous co-operation between us.
As an initiative towards CO-OPERATION , CFMID Limited is proud to announce its new product :

World’s 1st mobile app for taking fingerprint scans for generating DMIT Report.

“One India One DMIT”
Accurate and high quality DMIT Report for a genuine practitioner

Pricing Structure

Zero Investment DMIT Franchisee. PAY PER REPORT.

  • High Quality Printed Colour Report delivered at your doorstep. – Pricing structure for only soft copy of report will be lower than what is mentioned above.
  • For bulk purchase– kindly contact +91 9819540279
Salient Features of One India One DMIT Report + U-NiQ Mobile App
  • Take fingerprint without physical scanner (Saves Time, Travel & Cost)
  • Report generated under the mentorship of Ed Campbell and Marcus Leng.
  • 40 Page In-depth Report Contents
  • State of the Art dynamic design
  • Customer friendly contents for future reference
  • Printed Copy delivered at the Franchisee Office
  • 48 hours Report Generation Time (soft copy)
  • 7 working days for delivery of printed report (at extra cost)
  • Free upload of scans and download of report copy log-in id.
  • Printed Report will be delivered even for one scan.
  • Counseling Service, if required, at extra cost (Live and also through Video Conferencing / Tele Counseling)
Click Image for Report Full Preview


CFMID Limited, the 1st Limited company in Dermatoglyphics, envisages to build a strong support system for the DMIT practitioners to exponentially flourish in India and across the worldThis is an era of collaboration. You and we are here to achieve a common goal. Hence our industry’s well being is more important that individual profit maximization.

An excellent consumer experience is more important that individual whims and fancies leading to a bad consumer experience.

Win-lose strategy and competition worked in the old world order. With the advent of technology and disruption as its main tool, the era of collaboration is here to stay for long.

We all are aware that counseling is the main element of DMIT. If the reports are accurate and fool proof then a consultant with right knowledge  can do great things to keep the DMIT flag flying high.

With limited resources in the hand and enormous challenges to overcome, most of the DMIT players are in a race towards their own extinction.

Like you, we at CFMID Limited are committed towards creating a better tomorrow for our collaborators and for our clients.

One India One DMIT – Pricing Structure

INR 7999 + 18 % GST

( Only Soft Copy by email )

Offer applicable for purchase of 10 Reports in one lot

Online Training – at extra cost
  • Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant – Level 1 – Training Program for Freshers
  • Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant – Advanced Level – Training program for Practitioners
  • How to take your DMIT Practice 100 % Online

We at CFMID Limited invite you to join our mission and contribute towards nation building wherein, together we ignite intelligentsia. We become responsible to ignite the minds of our customers towards self realization.

We invite you to embrace the change. We invite you to walk with us in collaboration. We invite you to become the torch bearer of this sacred and holistic industry. For us the blessings of our customers in helping them realize their own self is much bigger than individual profit making.

Profit making is a by-product which will eventually happen, if we all collaborate through a single platform. That single platform which we are building with your support is “One India One DMIT”

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