One Million Happy Parents
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One Million Happy Parents

We are coming together to embark on a journey that’s aiming to touch lives of 1 Million Parents across India. We are committing ourselves to solve one of the major issues being faced by majority of the Indian Parents and School Teachers.

Imagine like going back to the olden days. It’s like going back to taking reference points from our Indian Scriptures. That age old era had a very specific clear cut understanding on nurturing inborn potential of children. Their emphasis was on techniques and not on technology . They created unique methods to decode the inborn nature of their child. And accordingly Parents and the Gurujis undertook child development techniques based on the child’s inborn potential.

You will be surprised to know that the tool through which they understood this nature was none other than the child’s own fingerprint. The study of fingerprint pattern has a reference in Hastasamudrika Shastra which is a part of Vishnu Puran.

Yes, this age old technique mentioned in Indian Scriptures , has now acquired a modern name . That is Dermatoglyphics. Study of Fingerprint Skin Pattern to understand the brain potential.

Join this mission.

Imagine that your sharing of this message will for sure make a huge impact in increasing happiness in the world.

The Problem:

Why we are embarking on this journey is to reach a singular goal. To increase the happiness quotient of the Children, Parents and the Teachers

Everything we did as a tradition earlier is now moving towards extinction. One of the reason could be,  we are forgetting our source, our origin, our age old learning methods.

So we at CFMID are taking a pledge. We will use Biomatric Technology  to solve this problem.

Our team of experts who understand both tradition and technology have come together to create this very unique mission.  Of touching lives of 1 Million Parents and in the process reaching out to 1000 schools in phase 1, connecting with 20000 Teachers and creating a platform for only one singular purpose .”The Happiness Quotient”

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