Asian Dermatoglyphics Practitioners Association

Asian Dermatoglyphics Practitioners Association, formed by CFMID Limited is an International Platform for all the Dermatoglyphics Practitioners

  • Practitioners benefit from this lead generating platform for expanding their market footprint
  • Each expert can add their qualifications, personal info and specialization to attract new clientele for private counseling and consultations
  • Professionals coming from Educational Sector, Psychology, Spiritualism, Healing, Training, Child Development and Career Counselling can get direct leads from this platform
  • Client can refer this platform to select the best experts available nearby
  • ADPA will introduce star ratings for all the individuals enrolled onto it with specific standards which are at par with international experts
  • It’s a platform where the thrust is more on quality of counselling than quantity while maintaining utmost authenticity of the subject
Who All Can Join

DMIT Counselors / Consultants • Psychologist • Educationist • Teachers & Principals • Educational Trainers • Child Trainers • Home Tutors • Career Counselors • Memory Trainers • Handwriting Experts • Ridgologist • Multiple Intelligence Experts • Soft Skill Trainers • Life Coach • HR Trainers • Motivational Trainers • Hypnotherapist • Healing Experts • Yoga Experts • Spiritual Guides

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