Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU)

We at CFMID have entered into an MOU with Gujarat Forensic Sciences University ( GFSU ) for undertaking collaborative research work in the area of Biometrics & Human Behaviour.


As a first step towards this mammoth research project, we will be jointly developing a Biometric and Psychometric assessment for the Teaching and Non Teaching Staffs of the Educational Institutions in Phase 1.


The prime objective by mapping the key personality traits and behavioral traits of the staff will be to increase the safety and security standards in the school premises.  


In Phase 2 , this service will also be extended to the student fraternity at large depending upon the needs and requirements of the Education sector for choosing the right career and also for the HR Organisations to map the employability and skill development plan.


The prime objective of this research will be to arrive at conclusive evidences indicating parity or disparity in “Happiness Quotient” by mapping human behavior through both Psychometric assessment and also through biometric fingerprint assessment.


If we look at the gap between passion and profession, there is a huge deficit. Most of the students and employees at large feel they are a misfit. Not happy with what they are doing and as a result it increases the stress factor.


Through this research, we try and identify the right process for selecting a career, hobby and a right job and accordingly create a standardized process which will be of great service to humanity.

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